Claim clover reward fail

Why when I go to claim rare clover reward always fail, it never lets me claim any found rare clovers, why?

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I guess no one is going to help me with this

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I’m having the same issue, I figured out how to verify but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m starting to think this is just a scam. At least I haven’t bought anything!

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I also face the same issue.

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Who is verifying, the rewards?? and yes I am missing something as well,… because mine will not send rewards as well.

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How to claim rewards sir

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I have the same problem. I try to claim .18 for symmetrical clovers and see this in Portis.


same here…please explain why this isn’t working?

I would like to know too why I can’t claim rewards either. Is there anyone here answering these? It’s really off-putting.

The issue is likely due to insufficient funds for the outrageously high ETH gas fees to process the transaction. You can even see that in the above screenshot.

You had insufficient funds to buy the clover.

We will see what we can do